Funnel Web Bean Bag System

Bean bag filling has never been so quick and easy

Bean Bag Filling

Filling your bean bag has never been so easy.

No longer will you need to be carting massive bags around shopping centres, spilling bean bag beans all over your lovely home, wrestling with plastic bags and get half the family to help you fill or top up a bean bag. Ambient Lounge bean bag filling come in the Patented Funnelweb Zip-and-tip Bag - delivered in an environmentally friendly re-usable outer transport bag - directly to your door. It's a one person job that's quick, convenient and cheap.

Now with the Funnelweb system you will never need to spill the beans. The exclusive Funnelweb® zip-to-zip system that takes all of the hassle out of filling and emptying Ambient Lounge® (and Funnelweb compatible compatible) bean bag chairs. In 30 seconds, you zip your inner bag to the bean bag and zip the beads in. The advantages are not limited to convenience - caring for your bean bag cover is also easier. You can unfill and clean your cover with one person in a matter of seconds.

The funnelweb bag can also be stored INSIDE a filled bean bag for ease and convenience of unfilling.

As a guide, most Ambient Lounge standard range bean bags (such as Evolution Sofa, Studio Lounger, Conversion Lounger) take around 300 litres of filling, which can be found in a standard Funnelweb and transport bag.

Ambient Lounge Gold Class range (such as Twin Lounger, Acoustic sofa, Butterfly Sofa) take between 400 - 600 litres of beads and all have multiple filling gussets due to the Ambi-spring system.

Ambient Lounge ottomans, Pet Lounge and Versa Tables require between 150-200 litres of filling.

Ambient Lounge is a pioneering leader of designer bean bag furniture, operating in over 20 countries Worldwide. You can be assured to trust our name, quality and service. Please contact us on for any questions

Bean Bag Bead Quality:

Despite what you might think, Bean Bag filling quality is not all the same.

Depending on you country, supplier and region, the polystyrene bean bag beans may be large or small - which will impact the way they feel and perform inside your cover.

As a general rule, the smaller the beads, the better - the more dense they are and the less they will compress after use. We recommend the use of beads 2-4 mm in diameter for the best results.

Bean Bag Beans

If you are looking to buy bean bag filling to refill one or more of your bean bags, please contact your local Ambient Lounge dealer. They will sell bean bag beads in a Funnelweb outer bag that conveniently zips onto your cover. Buy them for top ups or refill.

If you own a bean bag - after a while, you may find that it doesn't seem as comfortable as it used to be. This is probably because the beans have been compressed. Buy good quality polystyrene beads and bring the comfort back.

As a general rule, the smaller the beads the better. 2-4mm diameter beads are preferred size. This means the medium-term compression will be lessened, it should be much quieter and the many more 'balls' inside to give you a greater comfort/massaging effect on your body.

Remember a good quality bead means greater quality lounging.



Ambient Lounge® is a worldwide brand of bean bag covers and filling. The group has representation in most major countries.

Here are some contacts and partners for you:


Ambient Lounge Scandanavia.
Contact: Lasse Jensen

Ambient Lounge France/Belgium
Contact: Maxime Lesguilier

Ambient Lounge Germany/Switzerland/Austria.
Contact: Curt Hurlimann

Ambient Lounge Spain/Portugal
Contact: Jose Luis Cabello

Ambient Lounge Italy
Contact: Daisy Laramy-Binks

Ambient Lounge Greece

Ambient Lounge UK/Ireland
Contact: Geoff Whittaker

Asia Pacific

Ambient Lounge Korea
Contact: Mr Jason Yang

Ambient Lounge Singapore
Contact: Chin Leng Yao

Ambient Lounge Australia
Contact: Gary Morris

Ambient Lounge New Zealand
Contact: Tim Larkin

Ambient Lounge China
Contact: Rover Wang

Ambient Lounge Hong Kong
Contact: Allan McKenzie

Middle East:

Ambient Lounge Arabia
Contact: Mr Muaz Kadi


Ambient Lounge USA
Contact: Grant Morris

Puerto Rico & Carribean Islands

Ambient Lounge Puerto Rico
Contact: Daniel Santiago


Ambient Lounge Sth Africa
Contact: Darren Zidel