Funnel Web Bean Bag System

Bean bag filling has never been so quick and easy

Funnelweb Bean Bag System

What is it?

The Funnelweb 'zip and tip' system is a Worldwide patent protected system developed by the Ambient Lounge group. It is an exclusive transfer system that takes the mess and hassle out of filling and emptying compatible beanbag furniture, safer, quicker and easier than any other known system in the world.

How does it work?

Every Ambient Lounge® or compatible Bean bag cover has a Funnelweb ® gusset built in. Simply zip your Funnelweb bag to the gusset and tip your beans from one bag to the other.

It's that easy. Gravity does the rest.

Use it to fill your beanbag, or to empty and store the beans when washing your beanbag.

Key Advantages:

  1. It is far quicker to fill a bean-bag. Only about 30 seconds.
  2. Can be done easily by just one person.
  3. Little or no spillage of fill material
  4. It's much safer around small children
  5. The zip system access to the Bean-bag is a double barrier to child access.
  6. Great for storing the beans whilst washing the Beanbag.
  7. Allow you to change covers for summer & winter
  8. When not in use, Store the Funnelweb bag in the gusset of your Ambient Lounge bean bag.
  9. Great for retailers to sell a larger choice of bean bag covers in a smaller store space area
  10. Easier for home delivery with our transport bag system.