Funnel Web Bean Bag System

Bean bag filling has never been so quick and easy

Retail Advantages

Any retailer who has sold bean bag in their store knows the number one problem.... Return per square metre of space!

The Funnelweb™ allows stores to get a greater return per square metre and allows the stores customers a greater variety of choice and immediate access to take home their desired purchase. No waiting....

Bean bags are awkward because take up huge amounts of store space for their relative $ value - so it's hard for retailers to display a good range of product unless the store is absolutely huge and turnover is also large.

The Funnelweb™ is a concept that has proven to be a godsend to medium-smaller sized furniture retailers, mass market retailers and gift shops.

With the Funnelweb,™ stores can now display one model of each style filled, so their customers can see the bean bag and test the comfort; then display a much larger range of attractively packaged cover-only choices for each model.

The customers simply take home the cover and a bag of filling in the Funnelweb™ bag, and fill to their own comfort levels at home.

Simple and efficient.

How does that work exactly?

Small Space, big returns.

For instance, a small furniture store may decide to put on range 2 styles. The Evolution Sofa and the Studio Lounger. That store would only have 2 bean bags on display filled, one of each. On store shelves, the customers may pick from a choice of 5 colours for each model.

This means the store could effectively have 10 bean bags on display, 2 of each colour = 20 bean bags total (plus the display models). All this in the space of a small corner of the shop.

The store would have a few bags of bean filling in Funnelweb™ bag on display or ready out the back to supply.

Ambient Lounge have also build the concept of the mini bean bag system to show all colours clearly to the consumer. Their swatch rings allow customers to touch and feel fabrics.

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